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Case Security Awareness: 2010-2011

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Training Materials for All Users

CWRU and other universities have teamed up with the SANS Institute to provide free online presentations to users in the higher education domain.  Users can sign up for these courses online by creating a personal SANS Portal account (use your email address), and subscribe to the course using the discount code "DG-October."

The three main presentations will also be available to attend in person in Adelbert Hall Toepfer Room, where they will be presented on the "big screen."

October 1, 1:00-2:00 PM EST: Online Presentation, courtesy of Educause
Alan Paller, Director of Research for the SANS Institute, will give a live streaming video presentation of security issues affecting colleges and universities, including:

    •    The most dangerous new threats and how the threat has changed
    •    Why standard defenses (firewalls, IPS, etc.) fail to stop these attacks
    •    How to find the hidden attackers who have already penetrated your systems
    •    The three most promising initiatives for improving the nations defenses

This presentation does not require a SANS Portal Account.  Users can attend directly by following this link:

October 13, 20, and 27, 1:00-2:00 PM EST: SANS vLive! Seminars

October 13: Future Trends in Network Security
Audience: All
Presenter: Eric Cole, Ph.D.
Location: Adelbert Hall- Toepfer Room or online via vLive!
For online participation, register online using the discount code.

October 20: Securing the Human
Audience: Management and IT professionals involved in security awareness
Presenter: Lance Spitzner
Location: Adelbert Hall- Toepfer Room or online via vLive!
For online participation, register online using the discount code.

October 27: Protecting Your University Data
Audience: University executives and senior leadership
Presenter: Randy Marchany
Location: Adelbert Hall- Toepfer Room or online via vLive!
For online participation, register online using the discount code.

If you plan on attending the sessions in Adelbert Hall, please RSVP to Donna Marine (Donna[dot]marine[at]case[dot]edu).

Browser Checks

The plethora of vulnerabilities affecting users via browsers has prompted many security firms to offer free online browser checking tools.  Information Security recommends you check your browser with the utility offered by Qualys:

This tool does a good job at finding out-of-date plug-ins (such as Flash or Adobe Acrobat Reader) that have been known targets of browser attacks, and guides you in getting updated.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder for Students

CWRU students now have access to a free version of Identity Finder, through the CWRU Software Center.  Last yea,r the university rolled out this application to all faculty and staff with the objective of cleaning up any sensitive data, including SSN-archived data, in their desktop working spaces.  This effort has led to a significant success in data cleanup and protection.  Now we offer the same protection to all students.

What is Identity Finder?
Identity Finder is a client application with a major search capability.  It is free to students (just like our anti-virus product and other software, and supports Windows and MacOS.  It can be used to search your computer hard drive for personal data, such as Date of Birth, SSN, passwords, passport numbers, etc.  This data on your computer is the target of identity theft via malware.  For more information on how CWRU is using Identity Finder, visit the project worksite in Google Apps (required CWRU logon).

How to Get Started
Download the application from the CWRU Software center, and get the user guide from the Documentation Depot.  The student version is free to current CWRU students.

The Case Help Desk (216) 368-4357 can help if you:
•    have a problem with Identity Finder
•    want more help or information
•    need help changing your password.